Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summer Trip 2017 Yellowstone Day 1

Dear Readers,

If you are going to go to a national park, may I suggest buying the park pass?  It cost $80 and by the third day we were ahead of the game on park admissions and you don't have to take time to pay on your way in.  They are good for a calendar year and you can have two names on the pass.  As long as one of those two people are in the car, you are admitted for free.  I left with Celeste as she has more opportunities to visit parks than I do. If I do need it, she can put it in the mail to me.

So we got up left Powell and drove to Yellowstone.  Celeste  had picked a hike for us near Yellowstone Lake.  It is rated an easy hike that is 3.7 miles long.  You walk up there is a loop near the top and then walk back down.  It started out pretty good, but as we went there were more trees to climb over.  Elevation change at this part of the hike was relatively gentle.

As you climb it became steeper and as we walked a little farther we hit snow.  It wasn't too bad at first.  Although Celeste told me I walk like I don't trust my knees.  I am sure that is true.  They were holding up well to the hiking but my fitness level, or lack there of, slowed us down a lot.  But we really ended up going super slow through the highest part as the snow was about knee deep.  Celeste is light enough that she does not usually break through the crustiness of the top.  I, on the other hand, was sinking to my knees or beyond on every step.  We didn't take any picture of the really deep stuff...I only fell a few times...Celeste not at all.  But no serious injuries.  The only real problem is my boot filled of snow and water and I was squishing every step and ended up with blisters on my right pinky toe.

When we got to the top we were rewarded with a fabulous view of Yellowstone lake.  My fitbit watch said we climbed the equivalent of 58 floors.

We picked a airbnb in Driggs, ID.  It was a little farther out than some we had looked at on line, but it was going to have three true bedroom, a full kitchen, a washer, and two baths...we knew we would need some pampering and a laundry by then.  We stayed there three nights.

Next day....more Yellowstone!

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