Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer Trip 2017 Yellowstone Day 2

Hey Readers,

We started this day by going to see Old Faithful!  We walked around the path by the geysers and then took a seat to wait for Old Faithful to blow.  It took quite a wait...probably with the walk around the path and the wait on the horseshoe shaped benches, about 40 minutes, but we were rewarded with a dramatic show, after a few false alarms.

We stopped for another short walk around the paint pots.  Boy are they stinky.  Smells like sulfur. We did not tarry there!

After we left Old Faithful we went to do our hike.  Today Celeste had found a hike for us that was rated moderate.  Canyon Rim North Trail.  The All Trails app lists this as an 8.3 mile hike but I don't think we went 8.3 miles.  My fit bit had 8.3 miles that day, but it showed about 75 floors for elevation changes.   This trail, did not have any snow, thankfully!  It did have a lot of stairs and was pretty crowded.  It was by far the most crowded hike of the trip.  Again I was thankful to have my hiking poles.  Very few people use them but I don't think I would be able to do those hikes without them.  Most of the elevation changes were on this first hike.  You walk down a canyon and then end on a platform where you can photograph the waterfalls.  Then it is back up.  We figured out I do best if we do about 20 stairs then stop to breath then 20 more, etc.

After that we happened upon another hike that sounded good to go to Ribbon Lake or Lily Pad Lake. We chose not to do the longer Ribbon Lake as I don't hike fast enough for us to finish it by dark...We hiked till the trail got really muddy and messy.  Then we turned around.  On this hike we saw some of the most amazing colors of rocky cliffs.  Really evident why the park is called Yellowstone!  It was truly a feast of colors between the blue sky, the yellow stone, the green trees, white clouds.  God's amazing handiwork was certainly on display.

On the way out of the park we stopped to see some more hot springs and ended up seeing a herd of cool!

Tomorrow....Horse back riding near the Grand Tetons...

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