Monday, November 10, 2014

New ironing table

Over the last couple of weekends I built an ironing table.

It all started at a PTQ guild meeting where they passed out directions for building an oversized ironing board cover.  I took the instructions down to the local hardware store, Homefront, here in Winona.  I asked them to cut the plywood into the sizes needed on the sheet 22 x 60 inches.  I have the tools to cut it myself, but I have trouble handling a full sheet of plywood on my own.

The plywood seemed rather rough, so I covered the back with contact paper and then covered the top with a layer of 100% cotton batting covered with silver ironing board fabric.  I staple gunned these down.

I did not put the pieces around the edge that would keep it from sliding off yet.  I wanted to see if I liked it before I put any more work into it.

I loved ironing out big pieces of fabric, but I thought that the space under the board was a complete waste, you could not even put storage containers under it as the ironing board legs were in the way.

So off to Lowes I go, I did not go to Homefront as I knew they did not have the wheels and the 2 x 2's that I wanted to use as legs and the ones I had them rip down from 2 x 4 were slightly different sizes and I just didn't want to try to accommodate that.   I bought 2 x 2's for the legs that I had decided to cut 33 inches long and wheels some with locks so if I want to rearrange I don't have to ask for help, 7/8 in by 48 in dowel rods to go between the legs on the ends to support the shelves and 1 x 4's to go around the top and and bottom to help keep every thing square and support the ironing table all the way around.  I bought the formica covered shelves for the storage.

While I was at the hardware store I ended up modifying my plan as the shelves did not come in 5 or 6 foot lengths.  I decided to make two carts, one 36 in long and one 22 inches long, so I cut 14 inches off of the small side shelves.  I also that that would give better support on the shelving so we would have less warping.  I also wanted more support for the table since you would put pressure in it when you are ironing.  So I added 2 x 2's between the  1 x 4's to support the table top.

lower end
I took the iron rack off of my ironing board and drilled holes in the side support boards to put it on  the end

upper end
The ironing board is not attached to the base.  I did screw two 2 x 2 boards to the base that fit in between the supports to keep it from shifting.  I wanted it removable to that when the ironing fabric needed to be replaced it could without having to remove screws.

I had some plywood left over so I went back to Lowes and bought two more 2 x 2 's, two more dowel rods,  more wheels and one more 1 x 4.  I put them together to be a potting bench for my workshop.
So no progress on the wall paper paste removal…sigh.  But happy about my new ironing table.