Small Things

Some times I make quilted postcards or small quilts (about the size of a sheet of paper) or art trading cards and I realized I had not put them in a grouped setting.

So this may grow as I run across old photos that were not uploaded.

mini quilt donated to AAQI

My Fairy Quilt Godmother about 12 x 16

Quilted postcard

Small quilt made for AAQI

Columbus Arts Center Logo Given to CAC 6" x 6"

Caught Red handed quilt for AAQI

These are art trading cards made for my first IB class and the classmates that had the upper level math class.

Rachel Stanback

For Lena

Now back to quilts or post cards...

Stamp Act Quilt for AAQI (binding is not sewn down)

Small quilts:
"Stackers" 8.75" x 10.25"

"The Straight and Narrow" 12.75" x 10.5"

 "Sunburst" 12.75" x 11"

"Stained Glass Jenga"  12" x 10.75"
5 x 8 postcard 2018

5 x 8 postcard 2018

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