Saturday, April 18, 2015


Dear Readers,

I have a contract on my house in Columbus, and so far, so say your prayers and please keep your fingers crossed!  I know they are not sold till everyone signs on the bottom line.  So they buyer wants a pretty quick closing so I needed to get the rest of the furniture out of the house.  I was worried that it wouldn't all fit in the moving van so I ran over there and filled the minivan.  While I was poking around, I found a hoop skirt I had been intending to donate to the city to use in their annual pilgrimage.  If you want more information in it click here.  So I went in the Convention Center to donate the skirt and cape and was greeted by our Possum Town Quilters Ultimate Guild Challenge Quilts and some dear friends I had not seen in awhile.    I think today is the last day so if you want to vote on them, stop by and view them in person.

You guys know I bought a fixer, up that I thought was mostly cosmetic and updating.  Well about three weeks ago, we had a massive rain and water came in under the wall.   The room was smelling musty to me so I had David a local contractor and friend to take the wall off to check for mold.  He didn't see any, but I thought it still smelled so we agreed he would take the rest of the wall down and replace the insulation.   Luckily it was in a room with no furniture and concrete floors so the clean up was not too bad.   David  had a friend of his come and give me an estimate for a french drain.  Well we agreed that he would do it and I haven't heard from him yet.  Well today another massive down pour.  This time the water came in the front room and ran through to another bedroom I had put a rug in.

David,the local contractor,  said he would forward the photos to the drain guy and hopefully I can move up the list.

It is hard not to be discouraged, but there were a number of blessings...neither room was done yet so at least I only have to do them once.  There is no furniture to move to clean up and I am bringing more furniture from Columbus tomorrow and I will have some help to move the rug some place to dry...I just have to figure out where that place will be.  I am thankful that we are getting this done before everything was in the rooms.

I missed Bonnie Hunter's quilt cam last night, but hopefully next week I can update you on quilt stuff. Don't have a date for the closing yet, but hope to know early next week.  William is going to meet me in Columbus to help a guy I hired and me move the furniture.  Excited not to have to be responsible for two places.

Scale has been stuck for two weeks.  The final weigh in for the school contest is Monday, so hopefully all this moving business will help move the scale!

Sew long!!