Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Barbara Cline class

Dear Readers,

Last Friday I got a chance to go to a Barbara Cline workshop.  Each summer Mississippi Quilt Association sponsors a nationally know quilt teacher to come to Mississippi and present a workshop. They normally pick three locations across the state and run two workshops at each location.  This year they did one workshop at 6 locations.  I called my friend Lou Caffey and asked if she would like to go to the workshop with me.  I suggested that we could put Starkville as our first choice and Oxford as our second choice.  We ended up being moved from the Starkville class to the Oxford class.  Oxford is about 10 minutes farther drive, but it was a smaller group, which is really nice for a workshop.

Barbara developed a special pattern for MQA workshop so we, in Mississippi, were the first to take it.  She called it cookie cutter quilt.  She has developed a way to put additional interest in 60 degree triangle quilts.  More on this technique in her Triangle Stars book.

I did not take enough pictures when she was teaching, but at lunch, she gave a trunk show of her quilts and I took lots of pictures of some quilts from each of her books, but will only post a sampling here.  She had written 5 books, 4 that are already published You can purchase them on Amazon or at her here.  My pictures are good, but if you want to see really good pictures here is a link to her blog.

Here we are with what we got finished in the workshop.  Lou had stepped out and missed the photo, but we had a nice time.

The summer is about over.  It has been wonderful...I do love my job, but I have so enjoyed this season!!  It will be hard to leave it behind.

Sew on,


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