Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer Trip 2017 - Trip back to Denver and Home

Hey Readers,

The next morning when we got up and started planning our day, we had realized the night before, that our airbnb was 45 minutes past Moab.  If we were to go to Moab as planned, we would have to drive back 45 minutes do our hike then drive 6 hours and 45 minutes to Denver...As we were loading up, we decided that was just too much.  So we headed to Denver, the oil change light had come on in the car, so we wanted to get back in time to get that done, get groceries and moved back in before it was too late.  So we pointed the car to Denver and off we went.

On the way back, Celeste told Blake, her beau, she wanted to make him a quilt.  So they texted back and forth and decided on some samples that he liked.  Celeste and I went shopping after our walk the next morning.  We walked around a small lake in the Denver area, about 2.5 miles.

Celeste found a pattern in the store that she liked that was similar to a quilt Blake said he liked.  The pattern was Sweet Jane's Borderline Crazy.  So she picked the fabrics needed for the quilt for Blake.  I got a few fabrics I thought might be good for a quilt I was working on for a friend from schools first Grandbaby.

That night, after washing the fabrics, Celeste cut out the pieced needed for the quilt.  Unfortunately I misread the pattern and we started putting together the blocks in the pattern of a baby quilt, and not a lap sized quilt.  In my defense they had the instructions to the lap size next to the layout for the baby quilt size and no picture of the lap sized layout.  So then we had to figure out how to enlarge the pattern. So Celeste came up with a plan and we added the extra blocks to each row.  Luckily we had not sewn the rows together when we figured out there was a mistake.

Took this quilt to Betty Lewis for quilting...it is small enough that I could have done it, but I had several other projects that had impending deadlines....(baby birth!!).   It should be back this week some time.


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