Quilt Photos

When William was around 10 years old, I made this, my first quilt from Eleanor Burns' log cabin quilt in a day book.  He needed a bedspread, and I couldn't find any that did not look like a single man's or a little boy.  So I decided to make him this quilt....I did not know what I was doing. I went and bought her book and read it a couple of times and realized her shop was only about 45 minutes North of San Diego, where we were living at the time.  So I went up there and the ladies who worked there helped me put together the fabric for this quilt.  Using the book I made the top and then  I picked a really, really high loft for the batting. Definitely a mistake.   At that point, a new CO's wife came on board my then husband's ship who quilted.  She showed me the ropes and I really liked quilting so I kept at it.

So you know how it is, you make a quilt for one child and the other one wants one too...and I wanted to make one for her.  So I made Celeste this double Irish chain quilt.  Jeannie, the captain's wife, helped me coordinate the fabrics.  She gave me the pattern that she had made in a class.  

 Next, Jeannie and I took a class on pineapple quilts.  I made this quilt and gave it to Jeff and Anne.

At this point, we moved to Okinawa, Japan.  I met Sheri James, who became a kindred spirit.  She and I hit it off and she also quilted.  She did lots of other crafts too.  But we both joined the local quilt guild and enjoyed the fellowship there.  I made a number of tops in Okinawa, but finished very little.  It was a tough couple of years for me emotionally...I was homesick for the USA and felt trapped.  I always had felt that no matter how far away from my family we moved, if something happened I could load up my car and be there in a few days.   So I made quilt tops...to hot to quilt anything so some sat around for years...but in the last couple of years I decided to either quilt them or give them away.  So I have been quilting them and gifting them to others.

The rest of the photos will not be in any order, just the order I find them on the computer.  I continued quilting when I moved to Mississippi and have several that are UFO's...un finished objects, that I am working on, but I also start and finish quilts in the mean time...you know you see a fabric and it speaks to you and you need to buy it and put it in a quilt.  I would go to seminars with my friend Doris Holmes and we would start quilts, and eventually I heard about a guild here in Columbus that I joined and that really spurred me to start finishing my quilt tops....there were lots now.

Without further ado... the other quilts.

Ohio star made for my former MIL, Ida McKeon

Made for Emily.

Another Eleanor Burns Stary Log Cabin  made for Will

Falcon Pride Quil

For Celeste's bedroom...I made two of these for the twin beds...now Will has them.

This is another Eleanor Burns pattern

For Nathan, my nephew

Center of this quilt is a pattern called "Turning Twenty"

This is a twisted bargello, given to Celeste

This is a tossed 9 patch, given to Jennifer Demers

This is an Amish inspired shoefly block given to Bryan Doscher.

This is an Elanor Burns quilt in a day, Flying Geese, given to  Dwight Doscher

Tube quilt given to my "daughter" Miki

Tube quilt made for my "daughter" Nicole

T-shirt quilt Sammy Smith commissioned me to do for McDyess as a wedding gift.

T-shirt quilt for Celeste...church shirts.

My first t-shirt quilt...not square at all.  Given to Will.

Made this quilt for my friend Sue Harmon to comfort her during her fight against cancer.

other side of above quilt.

This is another tossed 9 patch for Jackson Turnage

Made for Sarah Harmon 2012, our only IB senior

McGregor's Garden, made for a friend of Celeste's.

48 x 62

"Dawg Dreams"  made for Will McKeon 2012 65 x 85

Back of Dawg Dreams

T-shirt quilt made for my dad after he remarried and needed to get rid of some of his many t-shirts.

Hotty Toddy vs Hook'em Horns - front
This was quilted by Watana Cantrell of Vernon, AL
"Bellringer" made for Kaitlyn Maire Bell, daughter of Jon & Jaclyn Bell, 2013

Back of "Bellringer"

JJ Knox Quilt 2015  60 x 70 or 72
Easy Street, named Chaos!  2015

Threads of Love 2015 Made for Will 106 x 106

"Blocks of Love" finished 2015

"Safari Stars"  finished 2016  63 x63

Rocky Mountain Dreams 68 x 91 finished 2016

Soccer Stars

back of soccer stars
"Super Duper Dreamer" about 55 x 77

 back of Super Duper Dreamer

"Christmas Hugs and Kisses"  58 x 70 Nov 2016

"Modern Christmas"
46 x 68

Close up of quilting by Betty Lewis of Louisville, MS

Back of "Modern Christmas"

"Hip to be Square" about 93 by 75

Close up of Betty Lewis's quilting

First flanged Border
"I Spy"  about 50x47

"Squirts"  Made for Vance Harmon 58 x 64   2017

Eye Spy made for Vance Harmon summer 2017

"Escrow" pattern by Sweet Jane's Borderline Crazy  about 55 x 63
Summer of 2017


"Misty Mountains" 2017
made for Celeste McKeon
98 x98

"Misty Mountains" hung outside.

"My Favorite Things" 51 x 57
Made for Mary Claire Allman 2017

"Eye Spy in Red" 2018
47 x 61
Made for John Henry Allman

"Log Jam" 2018
60 x 66
throw for my family room

Back of "Log Jam"
"Semper Fidelis" 2018
60 x 83
Made for Carlos Brown

Back of "Semper Fidelis"

Motive T-shirt Quilt
about 60 x 60

Taylor Woodard High School Shirts
Taylor Woodard Kappa Kappa Kappa Quilt

"Tip Toe Quilt"
about 36 x 42
Made for Ellie Marie Harmon

"Clever Companions"
about 54 x 54
Made for James Dwight Doscher

"The Picnic Quilt"
about 84 x 84

"Animal Kingdom"
about 55 x 68

56 x 68

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