Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hey all,

Check out the winners of the Grand Rapids Quilt Show!!!  We did not make it, but congratulations to those that did!!

click here -> Grand Rapids winners!

Time the eat breakfast and get ready for Sunday School! By the way PTQers that read this, I am going to put print outs of the August lesson for those who cannot print and the Jan, Feb, and March for Linda Dawkins in the closet this morning on my way to church.

Happy Quilting!!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Energy and Blocks of the Month

Hey all,

When I went to the guild meeting I had not completed both of my ( block of the month with Amy Gibson) blocks.  My studio had become such a mess in trying to finish up a few things before school took over my life, that I could not find enough green to cut 16 2.5 inch blocks of the green.  I had cut and assembled some of the blocks when I realized I had forgotten I was short two blocks.  So I had to go with them part way done...embarrassing!  Yesterday evening, while sewing with Bonnie Hunter's live quilt cam, I straightened up the sewing area and found a piece of the green about 12 inches square, so I was able to cut the extra 2 blocks I needed and finish the block.   Relief!!  I sure did not want to take out at least half the others so it would look scrappy.  Love a star block!!

    By the way, if you are not following Bonnie Hunter, you may want to start.  When she is running her live quilt cam, it is like sewing with friends and she gives out lots of tips on how she does things.  Of course this is probably the worst day to tell you that as she is heading to Bali for a 10 day trip, and probably won't have it running.  She said she would if she has wifi...just have to wait and see.  It may be at weird times due to the time difference.  

    I don't know what is happening to my energy level.  I feel like all I want to do is get on the couch and take a nap.  I made a roast this morning. I am really not that much of a meat eater.  Thought maybe I needed more protein, but still not feeling like doing much.  Maybe I need some vitamins.  Still need to type in lesson plans and more grade and go through the mail...better get to it.  


P.S.  Welcome to our Argentine and Netherlands readers.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hey all,

My block for the challenge quilt took third!  First time I have placed, in all the blocks I have made for the challenges.  So woooot!

I used the Paula Nadelstern book as a guide.  Then I drew out patterns and paper pieced the sections.

The program today at the guild meeting was given by Annette.  She did a quick seminar on free motions quilting.  There were lots of good techniques and tips.   Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Happy sewing!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Endings and New Beginnings

Hey all,

This weekend I was in Raleigh, NC for a wake for an old friend and a wedding of a great friend's son.  

David Sendek, died before his time, and it was incredible sad, and hard to wrap my head around.  He was a gentle spirit and will be missed in this world.  My flight was such I could not get to the funeral but went by the home to speak to the family.  It was good to see them pull together to support each other and good to renew acquaintance with folks I haven't seen since the 70's.

On a happy note, I got to see two families come together to celebrate the wedding of their children, Sally and Steven.  It was so much fun.  Here are a few of my favorite photos...

Sue and Bill, parents of the groom, welcome all to the rehearsal dinner.

At the end of the night, Bill looks pretty happy!

Corina doing Sally's make-up

Diane hosting the Bridesmaid luncheon.

Sister of the groom, Jaclyn Bell

Bridesmaid luncheon spread.

Karen Curtis, Aunt of the groom, sang before the processional.

waiting to get photos,

Harmon side

Carlos and Jackson.

First dance

Father - daughter dance

mother - son dance

Brides mother, Gretal and Diane, Aunt of the groom, and coordinator extra ordinaire.

Diane and her son Carlos. 
Best of Luck to Sally and Steven.  Now back to reality of work!!  Looking forward to a good school year.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tommy's Quilt

Hey all,

A good friend of our family, Tommy Givens, just graduated from college.  He worked hard and finished his degree in Chemical Engineering.  Will and I wanted to do something very special for him, so we decided he needed a T-shirt quilt.  So Will was in charge of getting the shirts and formatting the label, and I was to make the quilt, with his help in laying it out.  So this is what we came up with.
I had a lot of fun quilting this.  I did something different on the border of each quilt square, and even each side.  I found that by the time I had done a whole side border of the quilt, I was tired of that design.  So I changed it.  So here are a few close ups of the quilting.

I will be out of pocket this weekend, so not sure if I will get to make another post, but I will try!


PS  Welcome new readers from Australia, Czech Republic, France, Singapore and Canada!!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Today a friend from high school, who I haven't spoken to in years said I have a southern accent...I was so pleased.  I always wanted one.