Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Trip 2017 - Big Horn National Park

Dear Readers,

So Celeste and I had woke up in Deadwood, SD and were planning to do a hike or two on our way to Powell, WY the second airbnb of our trip...Powell is between Yellowstone and Bighorn National Parks, close to the North East side of Yellowstone.  I was constantly amazed at how beautiful a country we get to live in and how much wide open spaces are still out there!

After breakfast we drove to our first real hike Roughlock Trail near Lead, SD.  It was rated an easy hike of about 2.1 miles up and back hike.

After that hike we drove through Big Horn National Forrest where it was snowing (!!) on the 28th of May!

I was sure we were not getting the second hike in as it was so bad, but about a half hour out of the snow, it was nice and dry so we took the second hike of the day at State Line Trail near Grass, Montana by the Bighorn River.
This trail, while short, less than a mile,  was very rocky so I really relied on my hiking poles.  Celeste started calling me Two-poles Turnage and I was calling her Mountain-goat McKeon as she was capable of scampering up the mountain while I was using my poles to get up or down best I could.

See that white speck? Almost at the edge of the scrub brush...  That is my car!

After the hike we headed to the our next Airbnb in Powell, WY.  We were met by a very nice girl and a lot of beautiful Huskies!  She showed us the puppies and let us pet them.  I spotted a robins nest with 3 babies in it and pointed it out to her.  She knocked two birds out of the nest before I knew it and the huskies got them.  :(  Said they didn't like birds.... Anyway other than the bird drama it was a good night.

Tomorrow .... Yellowstone day 1!

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