Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Allietare Mystery update

Dear readers,

Not as much done as I would like but maybe by tomorrow I will make some more progress.  

All of clue one is pressed and dog ears trimmed. 

Still have about a fourth of clue 4 to do and some of clue five is done.  

There is more of this done than I photographed but I didn't take time to lay it all out.  

I had a wonderful visit with Celeste. We had some adventures, ate at some good restaurants and just enjoyed each other and her beautiful Colorado. 

Now I am sitting in the airport in Houston writing this.  Wishing MSU best of luck in the bowl game.  

Sew hope all my readers had a wonderful Christmas  and have a happy new year.  


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Dear Readers,

I decided to pull the trigger and go forward with the mystery quilt, but I am way behind.  I have been working on cutting up the clues as Bonnie releases them, but I have not had a chance to sit down at the machine in days, other than to do some Christmas happys.

So here is a picture of what I have accomplished.  I am using the green as my grey in order to a have a Christmas quilt.

I have everything cut except for the random neutrals for the last clue, but I thought I would wait till I got the 4 patches made and use the leftovers for that.
If you want to join in the fun, here is a link to Bonnies main mystery page.  This will only be good while the mystery is going on.

Here is a link back to the clue four page link page.  If I understand correctly, this will work even after the mystery ends.

I may up date this post as I get my Christmas cooking done!

Update #1

Clue 1 & 2 done (mostly)!  Clue one still needs the paper removed and pressing. 

Update #2

Clue 3 done.  I will work on clue four tomorrow. All sewed out today. 

Update #3

I did not catch all the way up.  I got seven sets done!!  But the others are kitted up and in my suitcase. I am on my way to Denver to make memories with my girl. If I have time to sew I will otherwise I will work on it when I get home. I still haven't pulled the paper off of clue one. But thought that might be a good airport activity!  I am fitting it in inbetween my life!!

Merry Christmas all!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Will's guest room

Dear readers,

Got the binding on in time for Christmas.  I was giving it to Will on Friday as he will be heading to New York to spend Christmas with his father and his family for Christmas.  I am going to have to work on finding a good way to photograph quilts in Winona.  In Columbus I would hang them from the dog run on the front porch and they could hang over the edge of the porch if they were longer...but my house here is on a slab so it does not have that hanging space.  It was not light enough before leaving for work, so that left me photographing it in bright sun in the afternoon.  The fence on the other side has shrubs all along it so it is not a good option.  Thought that the bright sun washed it out a bit.

 So then I tried to photo graph it on my deck outside the master bedroom as it was somewhat shaded, but that made it turn blueish.

Here it is on Will's guest room bed!  He is happy with the way it looks in his guest room.  

Will always likes to help my name my quilts and he came up with the name, Threads of that is what I named this one.  I always like to put a verse on the label too and he helps with that also.   If you want to read about the making of this quilt, I wrote about it in this post.  

Working on kitting up the mystery quilt, almost have the first three clues cut.  Soon I will start sewing...I hope!

Merry Christmas!  Sew long!


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Easy Street Finish

Hey Readers,

Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.  It has been busy as we tie up the end of a school semester and get ready for Christmas.  I did have a finish of Easy Street right before Thanksgiving, but have not had a chance to post a photo.  I named this quilt Chaos.

A lot of times I figure out the binding when I finish the quilt so I wind in tissue rolls to store it till I get the quilt quilted.  So it kept getting twisted when I had the roll in my lap as it was pulling off of the end of the roll.  So first I tried putting it on one command strip, under the sewing table.  That worked ok, but it did not pull very easily.  So I added another command strip and that worked like a charm.

My family was in for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It was so good to all be together.

 With this arrangement it pulls easily and does not twist up.

We had our annual Christmas party the first Saturday in December.  It is always so good to get together with this group of ladies.  They are so inspirational!

Hopefully I will finish binding a couple of other quilts and post photos of them shortly.

Sew on!!