Sunday, January 8, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

Hey all,

I seem to be having a much harder time making decision than I used to.  Used to be I would look at something  and then just decide...if I messed up, I would back track and figure out what to do.  Now I seem to second guess myself a lot more frequently.

Anyway, what brought that revelation on is the fact that I am finally working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery from LAST year, and I am not happy with how it is looking.  At the moment my plan is to continue putting the blocks together as they are.

The star blocks are all sewn together and the green blocks are on the flannel design boards.  I am just not loving it.  So as I was finishing the star blocks and laying out the remainder of the green blocks I had a thought, still no decision tho-  what if I made two quilts out of it?  Here is kind of what the blocks look like separate.  With and without sashing....

star blocks - no sashing

Star blocks and green sashing yellow corner stones.

Star blocks neutral sashing yellow corner stones.

Green blocks neutral sashing - yellow corner stones (more imagination required here.)

Green blocks no sashing.

So I should finish the green blocks some time this week.  Then I will have to make a decision.  I have one small strip of the green fabric I don't know if I would have enough to make any additional blocks.  There are fewer of these than the star blocks so it would be a much smaller quilt.

Sew on...