Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Trip 2017 - Drive to Salt Lake City

Dear Readers,

When we got up the next morning we were on our way to Salt Lake City.  We were going to spend a few nights there.  On our way we stopped to do a hike at the Snake River Trial...I am not sure what the closest city was as I was having trouble finding this hike on my app.  This was more a walk on a gravel road, along the Snake River.  We had treated my blisters but they were still somewhat painful.  So when we got the 3.6 miles, it got too much and I asked Celeste if she would go get the car and pick me up.  I kept walking albeit much slower.  This hike was supposed to be great for bird watchers and I love to see birds, but we only saw a few yellow birds and possibly some ospreys but they were too far away for a positive id.  We did see some guys rock climbing and that was pretty neat.

After leaving that hike we went to go see the Golden Spike...it was one of those hikes that was listed as .1 miles.  I was amazed that they would list that as a hike!  The Golden Spike is another National Park, so that pass came in handy again.  It was really cool.  We got there just in time to see the last run of the day.  They start the engine up and move it down the tracks about a quarter of a mile or so...but since it was the last run of the day, after they showed the run down the tracks they took it to there storage building behind a bluff.

On our way into Salt Lake City we stopped at a quilt store and happened upon a Greater Salt Lake City shop hop.  They gave us a list of quilt shops that were participating in the hop.  Unfortunately the Row by Row experience had not started so we did not get to get those patterns, but some of the shops had license plates available so we got those.

We stopped at the Red Iguana for supper.  It was really good...took lots of left overs to our airbnb.
Tomorrow hiking near the great Salt Lake and Salt Lake City!


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