Roadside attractions

I got a new app on my phone called Roadside.  It helps you find weird or different American landmarks...

I was somewhat on this journey before I got the app, but now it is on!!

This summer I have found a lot of weird things on the sides of the road.

Here are a few photos of things and where they were taken as best I can remember.
I will try to post them more timely, so I can remember where I take them.

This was a silo outside a quilt shop in Hayack, KS Stenciled Needle in a Haystack,
the name of the a good pun.

This is off of the interstate in Wilson, KS

Weird bike sculptures on the road between Mt Rushmore and Denver.
Pringle, SD

Drive in Movie Sign, Driggs, ID

Martha's Cafe Sign
Blackfoot, ID

I wonder what that man thought he would see up her skirt???

Lumberjack Man with Chainsaw
Ogden, UT

Chief Wasatch, Peter Toth Carving
Murray, UT

I was hunting a place to have supper, with the help of my son.
He sent me to this restaurant with a cowboy boot out front.
Big Verns Steak House in Shamrock, TX

Micky Mantle sculpture in Oklahoma City, OK

Land Grab Sculpture Oklahoma City, OK

Chief Duck, Duck Hill, MS

Bishop's Castle in Rye, CO

Bishop is apparently an anti government man

It is amazing inside and out, but obviously not to code,
so a little scary to navigate.

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