Saturday, January 19, 2019

Iron Tote

Dear Readers,

A little before Christmas Possum Town Quilters have an annual Christmas party with two gift exchanges.  One is a handmade gift.  So I decided to make an ironing pad, tote that you can take to classes.  I used a pattern by Sister's Common Thread called Caddy Pad.  I purchased it in a lovely quilt shop in Ithaca, New York.  You can link to Sister's Common Thread here...they also have a video on the caddy pad.  I think the name of the shop in Ithaca was Quilter's Corner.  It was a really nice shop, with a large selection of patterns and fabrics.  If I lived near there, I am sure I would be a regular customer.

I used a 100% wool batting as pressing on wool is the new thing, so I thought I would try that rather than a 100% cotton batting.  I put a double layer of it in. the pressing pad.  There is no moisture barrier so use caution if using it on a nice table.  On the other side, I used ironing board fabric that came with the pattern.