Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Block Buddies

Dear Readers,

Last week I made some of Monica Solorio-Snow's block buddies that she talks about on her Happy Zombie Blog.   I won't give the directions here as she does a great job on her blog.  Click here to read how to make them.  Meanwhile here are some pictures of mine in process and being used.

trimming the batting to the board.
See how the pieces stick?  And because of the plastic board they can be stacked.  
I love these and I know they will help as I have to run a ceiling fan as I am of "that" age.  I hate to have pieces get away from me.

Happy sewing!!


Saturday, September 17, 2016

New Headboard

Dear Readers,

Last summer I made a headboard from a door from my grandmother's house.  I did not like how it came out.  It was too long, and did not look cool like the ones I had seen on pinterest.

So I had several people look at it and sent
pictures to Celeste, but no one really liked it.  So Celeste sent me some pictures of headboards from pinterest.  I did not see one I loved, but one looked like a braid quilt, and I liked that...but did not want to deal with cutting the angles.  So I started thinking about quilt squares that had right angles, as they are so much easier to cut.  I got my graph paper out and drew out a log cabin block using 1 x 4s for the logs.  Of course 1 x 4's are not really 1x 4, they are 3.5 inches wide.  So then I decided it needed a frame so I planned to use 1 x 6's (that are really  1 x 5.5's) for the frame.  I made a trip to Madison and picked different types of wood and a medium stain that I hoped would look different on each type of wood.  I picked a poplar, pine, red oak and cedar.  I stained all the wood and the backing board and had it ready to go.  I was a little disappointed there wasn't a bigger contrast.  Celeste and her beau, Blake, and my son Will were coming for Labor Day and we had planned to assemble the headboard at that point.  I borrowed the key to the wood shop at school and we moved over there and went to work.

Celeste, Blake and Will did the cutting, and I acted as general contractor.  At some point during the process Will moved to doing the sanding and I stained the new cut ends.  Celeste and Blake did the assembly once the cutting was done.  Even though there wasn't as much contrast with the stain as I had wanted the change in the grain was really pretty and gives it enough contrast.

It went together pretty well.  We had a few issues with tool my caulk gun  that we were using with the liquid nails, as it was bent and we had a few runs to Wal-Mart, but it went together well.  Blake screwed the frame to the backing board to further secure it.

When we came home, we had the trial of getting the door off the posts.  I had put it on to stay so that was a trial, but the kids (well adults!) worked together and got it done.  They put the new headboard on and I had them pull the mattress back so that I could put a coat of tongue oil on it to seal it.  It is all sealed and back in place now, thanks to one of my students, her bother and friends,  and dry enough that I can sleep in my room again.  :)

Veiw of the Log Cabin Block Headboard
Close up view

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Projects Upholstered Chair

Dear Readers,

Another project I did this summer was to reupholster a chair.  I had been working on it off and on for quite some time.  Well just before summer started  my son Will, my dad and his wife Nancy came to visit for my dad's birthday.  So they asked about the chair and next thing I knew, I had help on getting the old upholstery off.

I didn't make them work the whole visit.  We took time to have brunch and Jeff and Anne's and watch Jeff shoot across the pond at some turtles.

We also took some time to get together with some cousins from Grenada...
Frances talking to Duncan

Aunt Maria, Lamar Pitcock, Uncle Bobby, Frances

Emma Kate and me

Will, Duncan and Emma

After school got out, I got brave enough to to try to put the chair back together again.

It is not perfect, but it will do for my bedroom.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Soccer Stars

Dear Readers,

One quilt that I made this summer was called Soccer Stars.  My son called me one day and told me a coworker's son had cancer and he was a big soccer player.  I decided to make him quilt for when he was doing treatments.  I found a soccer panel on Missouri Star's web site.  So I ordered it.  I looked around at several quilt shops and found fabric for the background and inner borders.  I decided to make stars from 5 inch blocks and 2.5 inch squares to snowball the corners.  I chose the colors for the stars from the colors of the backing.  

Once I made the stars I sat down with some graph paper and figured out how to put them on as a border, I had to work out how big the inner borders going around the soccer field would be so that the stars would fit.

I took it to Bernina Sewing Center in Jackson to quilt it.  I decided to use a pantograph to quilt it and it went OK, till I was almost done and realized I had put the backing on 90 degrees different from what I should have...so I bought a piece of fabric and we sewed it on while it was on the long armer and finished up!!

Never heard back from the boy on whether he liked it or not.  I know that is not why we do things but I couldn't help but be a little disappointed.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Projects - Headboard bench

Dear Readers,

In April I bought a new mattress and box springs.  It sat entirely too tall on my bed.  So I decided to make a new headboard out of an old door from from my Grandmother's home and use the old headboard and footboard to make a bench.

First I bought some 1x 6's and made a box to support some boards for the bench.  Then I cut the footboard down so it would be the right height for the bench, and cut the posts off to the height for the arm rests.

Next I attached the box to the headboard and footboard.  Then I painted everything with chalk paint.  I am planning for the bench to be exterior, although under an awning, so I wanted all the surfaces painted to help preserve the wood.  I also painted the slats at this time so it would be easy to get the parts between the slats.  Last I attached the slats and added wheels.  I am obsessed with having wheels on my furniture as I live alone, and sometimes I need to move things and it is really nice if you don't have to call someone to help you.

The last step was to add the arm rests and paint them.  Finally, I put a coat of wax on it to give it a little character.

Summer Projects - DVD Shelf

Hey all,

I did a lot of summer projects this year.  The first project I completed was a shelf for my DVD player and electronic stuff.

The cords were coming out of a hole in the wall so first I found this cool cord guide at the hardware store and I put it in.

As you can see it had been sitting on the edge of the hearth with cords going everywhere.  I planned the shelf to sit out from the chimney a little as the outlet to plug the electronics into was in the corner and there are gas lines running along he edge of the chimney.  I made the top so it would lift off so if you have to work on changing hook ups it is easier to get in there.  I also found a wooden box at JoAnn's and cut holes in it for cords to go in so the cord "nest" would be would hidden.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Group quilting and sewing

Hey readers,

Just a short post tonight, need to get a few more chores done so I will have a good week at school.  
We are coming down to the end of the school year.  Last full week with Seniors....so not too much more to go!  I have been craving the beach.  I always lived near the beach growing up, and it has been two years without a trip to the beach.  I need to make that happen.

If you are not a member of a guild, you need to find one.  It is so nice to get together with others that love doing the same things you do.  Plus the satisfaction one gets from working on a group project and seeing it done are great.  Last Saturday we were working on three different projects at our monthly Sit n Sew.  One group was working on gifts for the goodie bags that we will give out when our guild hosts the MQA state meeting in the Fall.  Another group was working on the Habitat quilt.  And the group I was working with were putting the rows together on the house quilt.  We had such a nice time and accomplished so much!!

Saturday, I put the borders on a quilt our guild was making.  Cut the binding and pieced it, and put it on a tube so it would not wrinkle.  I also put the backing together.  My brother was here for the weekend, so he carried it back to Columbus for me.  

Also on Saturday, the Possum Town Quilters, presented a quilt to a new Habitat for Humanity recipient.  The new home owner, was Cookie, aka Dennis Bailey.  Cookie has worked at Columbus High for years.  This was short notice for this quilt, so last Saturday on our sit and sew day, we made a jelly roll quilt and set in some t-shirts.  We got the top done except for attaching the borders.  Watana carried it home, put the borders on, and quilted it with a sports theme.  Then the Wednesday Maple Street quilters, many of whom are PTQers, sewed the binding down.  I did not go to the dedication as the weather was bad.  

This afternoon I worked on some gifts for my dad's birthday and a quilted piece that my step mother, did not know what to do with it.  So I set it in a pillow for her, and made a couple of travel pillow cases for my dad.  I don't think he reads my blog that often so I am going to take a chance and post a photo of them here.  

Have a great week.  

Sew on!!