Monday, July 30, 2012

Fabric Shopping

Hey all,

Heading out with a group of ladies this morning the Dekalb, MS to do some fabric shopping.  If you have seen my sewing studio, you would think this is totally unnecessary.  The main goal is to find some  fabric to use in the next AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge that we are going to issue to Possum Town Quilters.  But coming on the heels of Marilyn Doheny workshop, means I will be looking at fabrics that may not have been things that I would have put in my stash before that workshop!

Also need to clear my desk and do a few other projects before school starts.  Once school kicks back up don't expect as many posts.  That working thing seems to get in the way of all this fun play!!

Off to get the day going!


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hey all,

11 people in Russia read this blog!  One in Germany.  (Hi Sharon!)  One in the Ukraine.  Two in Poland.  How cool is that.  Welcome to my blog!  Small world.


Marilyn Doheny class day 2

Hey all,

Boy I feel like my head is going to explode...Marilyn is such a good teacher.  She showed so many ways to look at how a simple shape can be put together.  It gives so many choices.  A picture is worth a 1000 words and Marilyn brought a huge number of samples, so we could get lots of ideas of how and different things we could do with our stratas.  We also learned lots of finishing techniques and ideas that would add drama and make the garden come alive.

So I think I will just post a lot of pictures and caption the ones that will illustrate a fraction of what we saw and learned.

Watana's bird

This strata made that shape!

You can put your critters and flowers on aprons or other items.

Sometimes you can be super dramatic by combining several shapes

Sometimes you can kind of weave the shapes by releasing a seam.
Combining two different types of cuts.

Making a top of a stem with a circle.

Marilyn showed us how to cut a chevron, and then showed how many different ways it could be put together...well not all the ways, but enough to get you to really take time to audition a number of different looks to see what will fit your vision for the quilt.

Notice what adding the center to the flower does.

You can use states to make leaves.

sorry this is sideways!!  But loved the flower.

Several different techniques put together into one thing.

OK, I am having trouble remembering the terms, but Marilyn combined two techniques to make this.

All of these designs were made from the same strata.

When you add a body or head, check out what cool critters you get.

all of these came from this strata

two iris blooms

This is my fabric that Marilyn cut up for can't see it, because it blends into the table, but there is a cream square at the top of the iris on the top.

Love the yoyo bodies to this bug.

This was my favorite of was to represent the Wizard of Oz.  The quilting doesn't show up but it was really cool.


Thanks for changing the way I will look at fabric.  Loved it!!  Can't wait to finish putting my elements together and seeing what I can create!  Also looking forward to visiting your B & B.


For more information on her retreats or workshops click here.
Julia Graber also wrote about inspirations from the here to read about Julia's experiences.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Workshop with Marilyn Doheny

Hey all,

This morning when I got up I had a background and a bunch of stratas of fabric sewed together...what would it become?  I really had no idea...wait till you see the possibilities!  MQA had hired Marilyn Doheny to come and teach 3 workshops across the state.  (Click here to read more about Marilyn)
Stratas and ruler

Foliage fabric
so I met a group of ladies at Lowes and off to Starkville we went to learn this new technique.  This workshop was sponored by Mississippi Quilters Association.  So I would like to thank them for bringing this outstanding teacher to Mississippi.  She gave three classes across the state.  Each summer MQA asks a nationally ranked teacher to come and teach two day each in three Mississippi cities.  Starkville represents the North State, Jackson, and Hattiesburg representing the Southern state.

The first thing Marilyn did was show us some possibilities of things we could create.

This is ALL plaids!

Some were more organic in nature.

Some had more structure.

Some elements.  There were the first things we learned to make.
Next we learned to adjust the length and carve the pieces.

These were mine, before I carved them into curves.

Later in the day, we learned to make these fans made from the same strata.

Everyone posed with their stratas....doesn't it look like we are wearing ponchos?

Tomorrow we will make a few more elements then put our things on a quilt.  Should be fun.