Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sewing table minor upgrade

Dear Readers,

I have finally finished all the parts to the Winter Bonnie Hunter Mystery, but I don't have any blocks put together yet.

I have also just completed a minor improvement to my sewing table.  I have had problems when sewing a bigger item like drapes that it catches other tools on the table and pushes them over the edge.  In addition, I have been taking an online class by Leah Day on Craftsy on free motion quilting on your home machine.  She was saying your sewing table should be up against a wall to keep the quilt from falling off the edge of the table and jerking on the needle.

I have just finished setting up my sewing room this summer, and did not want to rearrange, so I came up with an idea to stop that without moving my furniture around.

I bought a 1 x 10 board and made a small "wall" for the table.  I drilled a hole in the center of the board about an inch and a half from the edge and through the lip of the formica table, put a bolt and wing nut through.  Then I leveled the board and drilled a hole on each end and put bolts through those holes.  Then I took the board off, using the same center hole put the board on with the larger part up.  then I drilled two more holes for securing the board when in that position.  This forms the "wall" when free motion quilting.

Sew long,


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