Monday, October 5, 2015

Trip home from Colorado

Dear Readers,

When I left Celeste, I decided to stop at quilt shops between Colorado and Mississippi.  But because I didn't want to take forever to get home, I decided to target shops in smaller cities that were close to the interstate.  I was collecting the patterns and the license plates from the shops participating in the Row by Row program.  It was a fun way to break up crossing the heartland.  It had been years since I had taken that route, and I really enjoyed the drive even if it was not dramatic in the usual since of the word.  I was continually amazed at how far you could see.  I was blessed with beautiful blue skys that seemed to go on forever.
 America is truly beautiful in every state.
 These are a few of the plates I picked up.  All of the shops were so much fun and welcoming.  I
 One of the highlights of the drive home was a stop at Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I had a nice time there.  There are a 5 stores there that you can shop at, and I think I found things I "needed" in all of them.  Here is a link to a  video tour that someone posted on youtube.  That will give you a better idea of what is there better than I can.

I got a picture with Jenny Doan!!

Mural in progress.
 After I left Hamilton I headed over to the Mississippi to get on 55 to head South.  I went a little out of the way to see the arch.  I wanted to get out and try to get to the top, but there was a Cardinals game and construction at the Arch park.  Combined they created so much traffic and so little parking that I decided to keep on rolling.

While I had a wonderful trip, I was glad to get home and see my fur babies.  Almost all the work from the contractors was done and I was able to start setting up my home!!

It was a wonderful summer!!

Sew long,


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