Friday, October 2, 2015

Summer Trip

Dear Readers,

This summer I took a road trip.  I had some things I wanted to take to my daughter out in Colorado so I didn't want to fly.  I also had a trip  planned to go to the National Quilt Show in Little Rock and since I was that far, I had decided to go on to Colorado.  Celeste, my daughter, needed to get some work done on her car, so we could use mine while hers was in the shop.

On the way there I did not stop at Row by Row quilt shops as the program had not started yet.  Celeste let me sleep in her room and she took the couch...After the first night, I knew something needed to be done.  There is a security light on the building next door, directly opposite her bedroom window and even with the blinds down, I believe you could read by the light.  Yes it is that bright.

So the next day Celeste and I went to the fabric store and bought the supplies to make Roman shades.  We found a great buy on the remnant table.  That makes it even more exciting.  Celeste has two windows.  A small one in the corner and a larger one over the bed.  We decided the shades should hang inside the frames, but on hindsight it would have been even darker in the room with them on the outside of the frames.  It was a big improvement, but a bright sliver of light makes it though.

It wasn't all work and projects.  Celeste and I had a couple of nice dinners out and a really good smoothie at a place near where she had a dentist appointment.  I also had time to drive around and get lots of kits and plates in the Denver area for the Row by Row.  It was fun to visit quilt shops and get an idea about what is available in the area.

One day I drove out to Golden and went to the shop there and the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

 I had just come from the Little Rock Quilt Show where I had taken a class on Modern quilting, which will be another post for another day, and they had a portion of the exhibit in July was on modern quilting.  The picture above was my favorite.  They also had an amazing exhibit of quilts that honored Native Americans.  The quilting was truly amazing.

I'm not guaranteeing you would see these things if you went by, but if you are in the area, it is worth stopping.  After visiting the museum and the shop across the street, I stopped at a sandwich place and picked up a sandwich and took it to the top of Lookout Mountain and had a picnic.

This makes me miss my girl, she is so much fun and so smart.  Next post...I will tell about the trip home.

Sew long,


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