Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Row by Rowing with my son

Dear Readers,

After I got home from my travels, my air conditioner died.  Well here in Mississippi, in July,  that means you have to find another place to stay.  Normally it takes a couple of days, but because the ac man's son was having surgery it ended up taking about 2 weeks.  I was hanging out with my son in Tupelo while we were waiting on it to be fixed.  Well, since I was at his house, I mowed his grass on Friday so we would have the weekend to play.  I had wanted to go to Tennessee to get some of the Row by Row kits and license plates.    I have also never been to the civil war battle fields in Corinth and I thought Will would enjoy that.
 When we first got out of the car and started walking up to the visitors center of the National Park at Corinth commemorating the battle of Shiloh, there were mini sculptures of things soldiers would have had with them scattered along the walk, as if they had been lost or abandoned during battle.
 I will admit it brought a lump to my throat to think of all the lives lost there.

After we toured the museum we watched a demo on how to shoot a musket...and on our way back to the car we passed this plaque that reminds of the good that came from that conflict... to read more about the National Park or plan a visit click here.

After we left the battle field we drove to Jackson, TN and then to Memphis to look for license plates and kits.  Some stores were out but some were fun.  

We tried to end by going to the new Bass Pro Shop in the pyramid but we couldn't find parking so we headed back to Tupelo.  Will was mighty nice to go to three quilt shops with me.  Thanks son!

Sew you later,


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