Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Machines

Dear Readers,

This summer/fall I also upgraded my sewing machines.  I bought a Bernina for piecing to replace my Janome.  I bought a Juki for quilting lap and smaller quilts on.  I bought a featherweight for taking to classes.  I traded in my Babylock that I used to take to classes when I bought the Bernina. I know this is confusing to follow...but suffice it to say, sewing machine wise, I am in a much better place.   I had also bought a older singer for $35 and then had it serviced, but did not realize the light was broken off.  So I need to sell my older singer and my Janome.  Everything is ready to go except that the Featherweight needs servicing.  I will need to take it over to Starkville to Richard Vasik the featherweight doctor.

I brought the Juki home yesterday and had to enlarge the opening just a little so it would fit out came the saber saw and it really went pretty well.  I am pretty excited about having the set up I have wanted for a while.  The Juki has a larger throat than the Bernina to accommodate more of a quilt.  It also has easy drop down feet for free motion quilting and was recommended by Sharon Schambers to one of my friends who took her class as a good machine for sit down quilting.

I also put up a shelf in the bedroom, while I had the tools out.  That, cleaning bathrooms, dealing with a clogged drain and a few other things and all of a sudden the day is gone.

At least tomorrow is a day off....whew I need it.


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