Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jelly Roll Races

Dear Readers,

Last month at Possum Town Quilters sit and sew meeting we had a Jelly Roll Race.    Terri (another member) presented some options if you did not want to do the typical Jelly Roll race quilt.  She showed how to do the 3 dudes quilting pattern that Jenny Doan did on a Missouri Star quilt tutorial.  You can link to that here.

My son had wanted a quilt to use as a spread in his guest room.  So I had been on the lookout for a pattern that would make up pretty quickly as it did not have a spread at all.  We had discussed using the colors in an area rug he had in the guest room.  The room is painted blue.

I did not want to make the original Jelly Roll Quilt as I had made two of those already.  Since I had made the JJ Knox quilt and had gotten a lot of good feedback decided that would be a good direction to go.  So in order to make it big enough for a queen sized bed, I figured out I would need two jelly rolls.   I was using the Artisan Batiks - Prisma Dye Neutral Nuance Roll Up by Lunn Studio for Robert Kaufman.   After I had those in my home, I decided that I should add  a few red strips and add enough of the black/blue so that each set of 5 would have a black strips in it.    So I ordered the extra fabric and  two charm square packs to use in the border.  I was also planning to use the black/blue in the border.

I cut each strip in half and pinned them in groups of five so there would be a good bit of variety in the blocks.  At the sit and sew I got about half the blocks done. I finished them over the next few days.

After I got the center done, I decided I needed something between the black border and the body of the quilt.  On a trip to Birmingham, we stopped in Tuscaloosa and bought the bright blue to break it up.

There were lots of pretty quilt tops made that day.  Check out what you can make with a Jelly Roll and you can produce a quilt top quickly!

Since I had the day off Monday and had the borders on by about noon, I decided to take it to Betty Lewis to quilt.  That way I could still get back home to verify grades for the end of the 1st 9 weeks for school.  I was nervous about doing such a large quilt on my new machine.  It is about 103" x 103"!  So I decided I will try that out on my next quilt.

Sew on!


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