Wednesday, April 25, 2012



The group, random acts of culture deadline for turning in postcards for their next show is tomorrow.  So of course I did not do mine till the last minutes.  Here are my entries.

The theme is postcards to Columbus. Columbus used to be called Possum Town, so I did a possum.  The postcards are going to be displayed at the Renee Reedy Gallery, located below Main Street Cafe in Columbus.  There is a grand opening of the show at 5:30 on Thursday, May 3.  Refreshments are provided.

The next card is supposed to be landscape and looks that way in the computer, so why is it switching to portrait??  Anyway it is supposed to be the old railroad bridge.  Tilt your head to the you are looking at this :-).

Here is a link to my friend Julia's submissions... .  The AP and IB art classes at Columbus High are also participating, so there are lots of very creative cards to be seen.