Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Library

Hey all,

This last two weeks has been pilgrimage week in Columbus.  One of the activities the library does to coordinate with the pilgrimage, is to have a display of quilts.  The library in Columbus is so pretty.  It is one of the prettiest and nicest I have seen in a small town.  It has a number of computer stations, that get a lot of action, and a wonderful children's program.  We have a lady here in town that runs the story time for kids and goes by Mother Goose. I think every child in town knows and loves her.  

The library runs lots of special displays during the year and while pilgrimage is going on, they usually display quilts.  This year I lent them six quilts.  Four were made by my great grandmother Frances Connie Billingsley of Winona, MS. She was my grandmother's (on my mother's side) mother.  She passed in the 1950's and my uncle told me she did not make any during her last 10 years of so of life.  Apparently green was her favorite color.  The other two quilts I lent were made by my grandmother on my father's side, Frances Henwood Turnage.  Not sure what she used for batting, but they are very heavy.  

Fan quilt
Irish Chain and Lone Star
They put my the ones by my great grandmother in the middle of the one 's by my grandmorther.

View from the upstairs balcony.  The children's section and adult fiction is upstairs.

Someone made one to honor the local university.

love this one!

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