Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Block of the Month

This month the technique that Amy Gibson taught on was English paper piecing.  Which is a lot of hand work....and you all already know that is not normally my thing.  I must admit, I did enjoy making hexies and joining them up.  I used Bonnie Hunter's hexie technique on the small hexies and the one Amy taught on the larger ones.

But to help the whole process along, Annette Pennington, who is also doing the challenge, sent this link to Snippets and Blabbery   If you look on the right side there is a link for hexagon templates.  Yay. I used those for the 3/4 inch hexies.  Still needed a template for 1.25 hexies so I found another hexie graph paper here.  That is what I used for the medium sized hexies.  There was only one large hexie needed so I used the one from the course instructions.

For the first block I did not arrange the hexies as Amy had suggested.  Amy had you putting a double row down one side.  I felt the background was too big.  So I made mine into a flower shape and then cut the background down from the 12.5 size and added a small blue border to make it 12.5.  Some of the paintings in the room have light blue mats around the edge.

The second block I did how Amy suggested, except that she had white as the sky area.  I am not sure I like this, I am thinking of trying to do something free form with rectangles to mimic the paintings.  This may end up on the back!

I still have to go back and do the second string block from last month.  Maybe next weekend!

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