Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Acts of Culture

A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion with a friend about making Columbus an Arts destination.  There are so many talented people in this town.  Not only talented quilters, my usual circle, but other talented people, as in poets, painters, potters, and photographers.  Anyway a few days after that, I stopped in my friend Sarah Oswalt's classroom and she was working on a painting during her planning period, and told me she was going to exhibit it at an arts show sponsored by a group called "Random Acts of Culture".  The exhibit was going to be in conjunction with Renee Reedy Studio, below the Main Street Cafe.  The show was called Emergence, showing the work of emerging artists.  I am so glad to see this growing in Columbus.  Click  to visit their home page and discover more from this neat group.

Here are a few shots of Sarah and her painting of her youngest son, Jack.

Jack looking at a painting of himself.

Sarah and her painting.

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