Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

I love Mom's expression...seems to say "Oh, Bob, that was not as funny as you think."
meanwhile, Dad is so pleased with his joke.
This was at Ed & Katrina's wedding...thought they both looked  great!
Mother's Day

I was thinking a lot about my mother, Rebecca Turnage, this morning.  She taught me so many lessons that impact my life everyday.  If I followed them more diligently, I know my life would be better.  Some may have been from my dad, Bob Turnage, who is also awesome...they were a great parenting team. 

1)  Love God.
2) Do your best at might not have to do it twice if you do it right the first time.
3)  Accept everyone, and be nice to everyone.  
This hangs in my bedroom
4)  Use your time wisely.  
5)  Make your bed everyday.  It makes the whole room look better.
6) Eat breakfast every morning, you will feel better and do better work.
7)  Have a good sense of humor.  
8)  When something goes wrong, you can say "Mercy"  or "Lord have Mercy" you do not have to use profanity.
9)   When making a caramel cake, always sift the flour before measuring, and do not leave the sugar unattended.
10)  Make a routine and stick to it.  Mom's routine for a work day...(as best I can remember)
5:30 quiet time
6:00 breakfast
6:30 walk
7:30 work
3:30 yard
6:00 supper
7:00 paper/talk to Dad
8:00 mail

She got more done than anyone I know.  Taught school, Sunday School, visited for the church, projects at the house, wall paper, painting, did lots of watercolors, ran the household books for the house and rental properties, cooked, entertained regularly.  Yet, she always had time to have a cup of coffee to hear about our day at school when we came in.  She taught Ed to read, I can remember sitting on the floor in our home on Cape May Ave, in San Diego, with a phonics game spread on the floor, day after day after supper, it had red 78 speed records that we would play and put the word parts together to make words.  Years later, when Celeste was struggling to read, she taught her to read too.  That changed her life.  Actually Celeste seems a lot like her to me...I miss you, Mom.

Arnold and Martha Hammond with Celeste
Another mother I would like to recognize is my Aunt Martha.   She is also a gracious lady.  She has fallen into bad health lately, but throughout her life, always made me feel like I was someone special.  I always loved her humor.  She is a true gracious lady.  Every time I am in her presence it makes me remember expressions of my mother and how much fun they had together.  After my grandmother died they would meet and spend a few days doing an annual  of cleaning Lawrence's house, usually in June, just before his birthday...Lawrence once told me they had more fun together doing that than visiting with him.   

This is a sand hangs in my office.
I did not like it till I hung it there, and now
it is one of my favorites.  We used to stop
when Mom saw a different color sand, and fill up a
bag of it to take home.
My grandmothers were also important to me.  Gan, my mothers mother, and I were very close.  She gave me a lot of confidence.  Told me I could do and be anything I set my mind to.  She was very smart,  Around 1975 told me the Chinese would own America without firing a shot...seems to be coming true.  Because I was so close to her, I did not give my other grandmother much of a shot at my heart...after my Gan passed away, I found how much I enjoyed her company.  I am actually probably more like her.  She had tons of interests, loved to read, was also very smart.  

Ida McKeon

Lastly I would like to recognize my children that made me a mother, William and Celeste McKeon, I am so proud of the people they are today.  I would like to thank all the people that helped me raise them mother, my dad, their teachers, Tom's mother, Ida (their other grandmother), their father, Jeff & Anne, their coaches and many other people. They are truly shining lights. 

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  1. This is so sweet. Enjoyed reading about your mother and others and I definitely see what your mother taught you about life in you. You are a wonderful person and I am glad I can call you my friend.