Sunday, March 25, 2012

Elvis Challenge - Submitted

Hey all,

Here are finished Elvis Quilts...didn't think that Mona measured up...I have such talented friends.  Here are the eleven that took on the challenge and finished by the deadline!  The top eight, as voted on by visitors to the Columbus Visitor Center, during pilgrimage, will be sent to the AQS quilt show.  During pilgrimage towns people dress up in period costumes and show the antebellum homes.  We have musicians playing and our group gets out and quilts in the homes, while wearing period dresses.  Not me of course, I go to, I have never been much for dressing up or hand quilting (while beautiful not my cup of tea) ... give me my machine!!  

So without further ado...the quilts:

Judy Stokes - "In the Ghetto"

Lawana Schultz - song: "Take These Chains from My Heart"

Christine Anderson - song:  "T'here Ain't Nothing Like a Hound  Dog"

Brenda Crownover - song: "Moody Blues"

Bobbi Hommel - song: "Good Luck Charm"

Carol James - song: "Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear"

Linda Baines - song:  "Hawaiian Sunset"  
Watana Cantrell - "Swing Down Sweet Chariot"
CC Coggins - songs: "Blue Sued Shoes" and "Hound Dog"

Julia Graber - song:  "In My Father's House"

Terry Turnage - song: "Mona Lisa"

So come to Columbus, visit some cool old houses and vote on our quilts.  Tickets are available at the visitors center...pick your favorite will be a tough decision.

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  1. I think I like yours the best, honestly. Although, the chained heart and hound dog are might sweet as well. Very cool stuff!