Saturday, December 12, 2015

Easy Street Finish

Hey Readers,

Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.  It has been busy as we tie up the end of a school semester and get ready for Christmas.  I did have a finish of Easy Street right before Thanksgiving, but have not had a chance to post a photo.  I named this quilt Chaos.

A lot of times I figure out the binding when I finish the quilt so I wind in tissue rolls to store it till I get the quilt quilted.  So it kept getting twisted when I had the roll in my lap as it was pulling off of the end of the roll.  So first I tried putting it on one command strip, under the sewing table.  That worked ok, but it did not pull very easily.  So I added another command strip and that worked like a charm.

My family was in for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It was so good to all be together.

 With this arrangement it pulls easily and does not twist up.

We had our annual Christmas party the first Saturday in December.  It is always so good to get together with this group of ladies.  They are so inspirational!

Hopefully I will finish binding a couple of other quilts and post photos of them shortly.

Sew on!!


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