Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sewing and other spaces

Dear Readers,

Many of you know I moved to Winona last year and bought a house that was wonderful, but dated!!  This summer things finally started coming together and furniture is in place, for the most part and I feel like I live in a home again.  I had been camping in the porch and the master and everything else was in a state of flux.   Tonight I am going to show you my sewing space.  I am so happy with it...

This is what I started with.  Taupe carpet, heavy drapes and wallpaper on every surface.  This room would normally be the formal living room and is going to be my studio.

I immediately pulled all the carpet and it took till after Christmas the first year to get the floors sanded and finished.

I was sleeping in one of the other rooms and working on getting wallpaper off the master bedroom, patching walls and priming and painting.

Once I got moved into the master bedroom, I had went to work on the other bedrooms.  Most of my furniture at this point was being used to stage my house in Columbus, so I was mostly living out of boxes.

Ended up having some water issues and had to put in a french drain and pull some walls down because one room smelled musty.  There wasn't any mold, but the insulation had a bad smell and that took care of it.

Got both guest bedrooms done first as I was worried my house in Columbus would sell and I would not have any place to put my furniture.  Eventually I had them done and could attack the sewing room.

I have metal shelving from K-mart for storage.  I made flannel backed with left over drapery fabric to protect the fabric from light and give me a design wall.  I had made an ironing table last winter.  Read about that here.

   Looking from the opening to the dining room toward the cutting table.
My sewing space second iron and table for small ironing project.

The stash with the covers off.

The covers reversed.
I will show pictures of the bedroom on another night.  My dad gave me folding screens to put between the dining and sewing room if it is messy and I am having company.  I did not get pictures of that because right now I have a cafeteria table set up and a chair I am getting ready to re-upholster.

Sew long,


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