Saturday, September 12, 2015

Renovation - Large Guest Room

Dear Readers,

This summer I got both my guest rooms done!!  Today I am going to give you a virtual tour of the larger of the two rooms.  I had worked on and off for a while trying to get the glue off the walls and was just really struggling with it.  the glue was pilling up and the more you scrubbed the more it pilled and it was not going well.  In the late Spring we had massive rains, places in town that had never flooded, had water issues and flooding.  I had water come in my guest room.  A coworker who was the former owners former daughter in law (did you follow that?), told me there had never been water issues here before, and she had stayed friend with her ex-inlaws after her divorce and was in the picture when they were building the house.

These are the before and in the process photos.

With carpet removed and working on wallpaper glue.

So after the flood it looked like this....

With the paint, crown molding, drapes and furnishings.  Making drapes was one of the big projects this summer.  

So this one is ready for company!


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