Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stars over Columbus part II

We hung the remaining items in the PTQ show at the RAC and I was able to get pictures of the quilting on my Star Trick Quilt, designed by Barbara Cline (to see more about her click here) here they are:

I did parallel line in the white area next to the stars.  In the white border area I  did free motion.

In the lightest shades I did free motion leaves.

The middle color had a wave shape and the dark color a slanted orange peel.

In the dark purple I did large swirls, inspired by the swirly nature of the print.

I used variegated thread on the two outer bars of the yellow, and since I wasn't too wild about that, I matched the colors on the purples.
I bled on it when I was putting on the hanging sleeve, so I had to wash it, and now it is somewhat ripply, but I like it, once I got used to it.

This quilt is hanging in our annual show.  Go see it at the RAC or if you can't make it you can browse it on the our guild blog.

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