Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quilt Plans

Hey all,

Hope everyone is surviving the heat.  We did get a gully washer yesterday.  Which helped here in Mississippi.  A friend of mine, Donna Burns, and I rode to Tuscaloosa to do some shopping and get some fabric.  It was so heavy coming down, that we had to pull over.  Always thankful for God's protection and a safe trip.

Do you plan your quilts on paper or the computer.  I usually do them on paper.  Which is weird, as I do almost every other thing on the computer if possible.  I don't just feels more fluid to do it on paper.

So while I was in Boulder I made blocks by the method taught by Billie Lauder last summer.

Using 4 charm strips cut them in fourths, and sew them together in different orders so a different block is on the diagonal for each set.  Sounds confusing but was really easy when in the class.

I made these blocks while Celeste was at work.

There are 40 blocks that will finish to about 8 inches.
So my current plan is to put them together with tone on tone creams and dark blues.  If you look at the plan it will be some large creams, some large blues, some half squares blue and cream, and interspersed with the 16 blocks.  We will see.

Another quilt that will be in the works is the MQA sponsored class with Marilyn Doheney.
MQA is sponsoring the class called instant garden, just add fabric.  So we got an extensive list of pre-sewing to do to be ready for the class.  I have not done much, but, I did pick my background and borders.

Interestingly, Marilyn has you assemble your background and borders before putting on your garden elements.  So after I do that I will need to pull about 15 fabrics and do the other pre sewing.

Happy sewing all!

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