Sunday, July 22, 2012

Outstanding Quilters

On Saturday Judy and I rode to Jackson to go to a presentation for Mississippi Outstanding Quilters of 2012.  These quilters are all over 65 years old and have made many quilts, many of them are hand pieced and quilted.  They were amazing.

So here are some of the highlights of the quilts hanging in the AG Museum in Jackson, MS.  I'm not sure when this show will come down.  They hang the quilts really high, so it is hard to get a good photo, but here is my best effort.  I did not take all 20 quilts, so you need to schedule a visit to the Ag Museum.  Click here for more information.
Grandmother's Flower Garden by Marolyn White

Bird Paradise by Freddy Barnett

State Flowers and Birds by Frances Lockley (Deceased).  Frances
 embroidered a bird and flower on large hexes.  Wonderful!!

Lemoyne Stars by Marolyn White

Loved her creative border!

Floral Graden by Donnis Adams...makes me wish I liked applique!
Celtic Knot by Frances Lockley

Thougth this deserved a close up!

Dresden Plate by Helen Thames.  These were soooo small.

After we left the reception, we ran over the Art Museum to make a quick run through the Blame it on the Blues show.  One of the MQA members, Rhoda Blasingame, had entered 3 pieces.  She put pictures of blues artists on black fabric, then quilted in the lyrics of a blues song they had sung.  She was the only quilter to enter and she won second place.  One of my favorite things to see was these casts of the faces of the blues....they were so expressive.  It is in the old part the Museum of Art, but there policy is not to allow the work to be photographed.  I did not know this and took some cool photos, but they will just be for me now, since while I was looking for a link to the museum to put on the blog, I saw I will not be putting those photos up.

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