Friday, October 11, 2019

Tip Toe Quilt

Dear Readers,

The next quilt I completed came about because a friend told me they were having a granddaughter and I decided to use a pink jelly roll I won at the Spring gathering of the Mississippi Quilt Association.  Thanks hosting guilds!!   I had seen a photo of a quilt square designed by Pat Sloan that I thought would be really cool.  I went to her site and it was only sold in a book, and I didn't know if the book's pattern would be using 2.5 in strips or some other size.  So I got my graph paper out and designed my own version.  If you are interested tho I encourage you to go to her web site and buy her book.  Click here to go to her web site.

"Tip Toe Quilt"
Made for Ellie Marie Harmon
About 34 x 45

I quilted this on my sit down quilting machine.   I tried to make the pink part have the feel of petals and did leaves in the grey part.  I put a row of asterisk styled stars in the outer border.  I quilted veins in the leaves.

So this quilt went to Ellie Marie Harmon...enjoy.

Sew long,


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