Friday, October 25, 2019

The Picnic Quilt

Dear Readers,

One of the summer challenges of the Mississippi Quilt Association was to finish a UFO.  I, like many quilters, have many UFO's.  I was looking through some of them and found this one based on a block called the Massachusetts block.  If you like the block, click here to see the instructions.  This UFO stemmed from a program that we did one year at Possum Town Quilters in Columbus, MS.  These had sat around for at least 7 or 8 years.  They were gifted to me the year before I moved over here to Winona.   The program was you could pick a block and ask every one that would like to to make you one in your chosen colors and pattern.  I chose to ask for one in creams or whites with 30's fabric or mock 30's fabrics.

One of the nice thing about this design web site, is that they have figured out all the sizes for you for common sized blocks.  I asked the guild members for the 12 inch finished size.  Like all group sewing  projects, some did not work out, as the colors were so light that the block disappeared or they came out too small.  A few were too big, but I trimmed them down and lost some points, but went with it anyway.  I made about 4 or 5 more blocks to fill out the collection and then put them together.  One of the things I love about this block is it is an asymmetrical block.  That means there are lots of different arrangements.  I chose to do a barn raising style setting.  The other exciting thing about this quilt is it is the first one I did on my new long arm.

It isn't great, but I am excited.  Here in Winona, I have been hanging my quilts on my fence to photograph.  Well, I was never happy about photographing quilting large quilts, as they would hang into the garden!  This quilt is 84 x 84, so it is definitely taller than my fence.  About that time Fred's was closing and I saw a curtain rod for 80% off and I bought it and put the curtain supports up on my porch.  When I was at the Innova dealer near Nashville, I noticed that they had quilts hung from pipes with bulldog clips zip tied to the pipe.  I was talking to them about it and they suggested keeping them a little loose so they could slide up and down the pipe.  So here is what is looks like at the top.

I know it would not do for a show quilt, but, most of my quilts are not show quilts.  I want the recipient to use and enjoy the quilts.

Sew long,


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