Sunday, October 21, 2018

Motive Quilt

Dear Readers,

Last Spring a lady from Colorado asked me to make 4 T-shirt quilts for her.  One of them was using her company work shirts.  She did not want just a typical T-shirt quilt, she wanted one that was more of a custom job.  The issue was that the shirts ran from extra small to extra large and it was a challenge to find a design that would accommodate the difference in sizes and give it the pizzaz that she wanted.  

Since they were company shirts I got a picture of a wall in the company headquarters that had a lot of the company slogan and sayings.  I used those in the border, with some of the logos of companies that they work with.  I also tried my best to come up with quilting designs that would enhance each shirt.

I decided on a kind of snowball pattern that I could adjust to the difference in each size shirt. The client wanted a snakeskin print for the inner part of the snowball and I did a different quilting design on each snowball.  I thought I had taken a picture of each block, but I am not seeing them on the roll.  
Here are the ones I have.

I will do another post in a few days... Let me get caught up with my school work...ugh, it never ends...but I love my job.  It just seems overwhelming at times.  

Sew on,


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