Thursday, October 25, 2018

A high school quilt

Dear Readers,

Another quilt I finished about the time school ended was a t-shirt quilt for a client.  I made it using bright clear colors to go around each t-shirt.  The client's favorite colors are brown, gold, green and black.  So I tried to use them as much as I could.

I enjoyed doing the free motion quilting on this quilt.  Here are some close-ups of some of the. blocks.

I had a day off of school, needed a checkup and mammogram and there was a text book meeting in Jackson at 3, so it was a kill two birds with one stone kind of day.  My Highlander had gotten where when it rains water would collect in the driver's side floor after the check up I ran by the Toyota place and had them check it out.  It was a clogged drain from the sun roof!  So if you are having that issue you might check that and save the $60.  All in all though it was a productive day.

Just about to sandwich the third quilt for this client.  Still have more to post from this Spring or summer, so hopefully I can keep the posts coming.

Sew on.


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