Sunday, March 25, 2018


Hey all,

I decided to take the plunge.  I took on some commission T-shirt quilts.  Celeste's boss wanted 4 quilts done, so I am working on them.  I have had to sideline my own sewing, which makes me a little sad, but not too much because I am doing these quilts and I hope they will love them.

I was watching a Leah Day video on you tube the other day and she was using a gadget called Pinmoor to baste a quilt. This would be for those of us who still quilt on domestic sewing machines.  I was planning to order her book on machine quilting, so I went ahead and ordered 2 packages of Pinmoors.   Let me tell you, that is the best thing since sliced bread.  If you used to baste your quilts with safety pins this is definitely an upgrade.  It took me half as long to baste one of the T-shirt quilts and no sore fingers!!!  They were invented by a quilter named Loretta Ivison.  I think they would have lots of uses in crafting.  Here is a link to her website where you can order directly from her.  Leah Day carries them also in her store.  They are a better buy in Loretta's link.

You can see my basting with my new gadget here.  To baste it, I put a slight bend in the pin, so that when it poked out of the quilt, I could push is Pinmoor on the pin.

I knew that when pulling them out, I would not want to put them back in the ziplock bag they came in.  So I ran down to Freds (we no longer have a Wal-mart) and got the two smallest storage boxes they had.  My plan is to throw the bent pins in one and the Pinmoor in the other.

I will be working on quilting this T-shirt quilt this week, but I have two tennis matches, so I will not be able to get a whole lot done.  Pray for me, I am playing singles in one of them.  For now the masters program is on hold...hope I can work that out!

Sew on,


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  1. oh wow! that is a cool little gadget! Thanks for sharing :)