Saturday, June 24, 2017

TWO, (count'em) FINISHES

Dear Readers,

I finished two quilts since I posted last.  TWO!!  That has to be some kind of least for me.

I picked up the quilt for Laura and Will Temple from Betty Lewis and did my first flanged binding.  It  was a good way to get in on quick as I only had one day to get it bound.  I had planned to take it Birmingham on our next trip, but I had thought I would have more days between pick up and delivery just didn't work out that way!

I had posted a photo of it, before Betty quilted it, and lots of Facebook friend had suggested names.  When I got it back and looked at it, I decided "Hip to Be Square" would be it's name.  We have had a lot of rain in Missisissippi this last month and my fence is not tall enough for me to hang the quilt on it so I hung it on a rail outside the welcome center in Columbus...all is good except they have some convince outlets that prevent it from hanging straight.  The pattern is called Sassy 16 from the book Bust your PreCut Stash.  I changed the background from solid to scrappy and used a jelly roll for the colored parts.  I didn't measure it but it is about 93 x 75.

Here are a couple of shot of the binding and Betty Lewis's quilting!

The second quilt was a baby quilt for a first grandchild that a dear friend is having.  I did an eye-spy quilt and put number fabric on the back as she used to teach math....she teaches Chem and Physics now.  I used Pat Yamin's Eye Spy Templates to fussy cut each of the hexies.

I quilted this one by stitching in the ditch around the eye-spy blocks.  Then free motion quilting on the border.  I did a swirling star thing there.  This one finishes about 50 by 47...

Here is close up of it.

While we were in Birmingham I asked my dad to tell some he is.  The video is 3-4 minutes long.

Happy sewing...


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