Friday, May 26, 2017

Throw Pillow Cover and fabric shopping

Dear readers,

I was kitting stuff up to take on a massive road trip this summer, and I decided to make a throw pillow cover for a pillow form my daughter had.  When I had visited last I noticed she did not have a cover for it, so I measured the form.

One of the quilts I was kitting up was another mountain quilt that she wants.  I am doing it in various grays and off whites to light golds.  Well as I was cutting the 8.5 inch squares I cut some random sized strips to make pillow cover.  So since it was 22.5 inches cut 16 6 inch squares of workbook paper.  I had decided to put a black strip down the center and the grays on one side and the neutrals on the other.  This ended up making an asymmetrical block.  So you know what that means...lots of arrangements.  I was really liking how these were looking so I think the mountain quilt will be great!

So I quilted it and used a piece of gray for the back...

I am on my road trip now and day 2 required some stops for fabric acquisition.  I am also working on a baby quilt for a teacher friend's first grand!  It is going to be an eye spy quilt as I have a bunch of those cut out, but she is doing the nursery in soft colors and I spy quilts tend to be very bright and busy.  So I wanted something softer for the back.  I was riding down a state highway in Kansas and saw this ,,,    

That has to be a quilt store...stopped in to a delightful store in the middle on no where...and found this fabric for the back...the numbers are still bright and cheery but softer than others so I bought it...

Later in the day I saw a billboard for a quilt shop in Hays,  Kansas so I stopped there and found a few fun fabrics to go in the quilt...the baby is being born into an army family so I thought the camo fabric and army men had to go in the quilt.  So nice to find a partly done project that can be finished in a bit to be a quilt!!

I may get to do some more shopping today, but I left my windbreaker at home and am going to need one...where we are going the high is 68!!  

Sew on!!

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