Friday, May 19, 2017


Dear Readers,

Hope all are having a great week...This has been the end of the school year for me so it has been busy.  I have just done a few completions of things and am getting ready for a much needed vacation with my daughter to the western part of the US.

When I got my quilt, Shadows of Kilimanjaro back from the Mountain Quiltfest Show I also received the judges comments.  She marked it down as some parts were quilted heavier than others.  So I decided to quilt the white blocks....I wish I had come up with a better pattern but it is what it is...I have given it to my daughter to hang in her apartment since she has hiked Kilimanjaro.   I didn't think the quilting showed up in the photo of the whole quilt so I included a couple of close up of the blocks.

I also finished making the flanged binding for the Jelly Roll quilt.

The final project that I worked on is the Possum Town Quilters guild challenge.  We are doing a Mississippi bicentennial quilt since it is our state's 200th birthday.  I chose to do Mississippi Blues.  There was a list of suggested topics for squares.  The challenge is to create a 9 in finished block  using 3 of the 5 fabrics given.  I thought the blues would be a good one to do.  So my idea was to make a background of blue squares,  and I kind of wanted a Howlin' Wolf on it as he was from the Golden Triangle.  So first I made the background, using some of the blue in the packet, then sent it to Lauren, a friend from the guild and asked for suggestions.

She sent me a few wolves and the logo from the Blues Trail.  That made me think of a state silhouette.  So I printed the elements and put them on the background.

 I liked it but they were a little too big.   So I took it to work and shrunk the elements down a little and then the scale was better.

So I was going to hand sew them down, but then I got intimidated by the narrow pieces and the corners of such small elements, so I decided to fuse them down.  I zig-zagged around each element to be sure it would be secure.  I had a thought while I was giving exams, to write the names of some of the famous blues artists on the outline of the state like it was a trail.  So when I got home a printed a list of blues artists from Mississippi and picked out some to put in the border.  I am happy with the final result.  The other two challenge fabrics used is the brown for the wolf and the cream for the guitar.  I did mess up and put the fuse stuff on the wrong side of the cream color, but decided I liked it like that as it softens the print on that piece.

 Celeste and Blake came for my dad's 88th birthday.  It was nice to see both of them.  When I was taking Celeste back to Memphis, we stopped at a whole in the wall restaurant for an Ethiopian meal.  It was really good.  I wish I could tell you it's name, but it was really good.

May not post much about quilting as I am going to be off the internet for a bit...but if I get a chance to post I will get back on!!

Sew on,


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