Monday, March 28, 2016

Summer Breeze

Dear Readers,

Last summer my brother gave me this antique quilt top that one of our cousins gave to him.  I had bounded three antique quilts that his mother in law had given to him and he said I could keep this one.  So I took on my summer road trip and found some fabric in Colorado for the back and some 30's reproduction print at Missouri Star for the binding.  

 As you can see it had issues.  It was  very lumpy wavy.  I took to Betty Lewis of Louisville, MS and she was able to get it quilted with no tucks!!  She had to keep a steam iron handy and steam the fans before quilting to shrink them up.  She did a beautiful job.

 I named the quilt, Summer Breeze.  I know that they did not name their quilts in the 40's or 50's when this was made, but I like to give my quilts names.  I still need to put labels on some of the other quilts that she made.  But this one is done!

Sew on,


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