Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pigeon Forge Mountain Quiltfest

Dear Readers,

During spring break I went to Mountain Quiltfest with my friend Lauren.  We both needed to get away.  I am a teacher, so by Spring Break time, I am ready for a break.  Lauren is her dad's caregiver, but has recently gotten a little more help on board so that gave her a chance to get away for a little break too.  The scenery was wonderful, as was the weather.  It was glorious.  The red buds were in full bloom and the azaleas were just starting to bloom.

I had entered three quilts into the show.  Here are the three that I entered.  I did not win any ribbons, two of the quilts got dinged on needing to trim threads...I would have sworn I had done that so I will be glad to get them back and check them over!


Blocks of Love 

The Straight and Narrow

No trip to a quilt show is complete with out shopping...both Lauren and I did our parts to help the economy and the local quilt shops stay in business.  I always have some ideas of what quilts I would like to work on in the coming year, and this year I would like to make a row quilt.  so I was looking for some red and whites to mix in with my 30's prints.  I think it will make a really happy quilt to throw over you when watching TV.

Then I saw these great grey neutrals and I just loved the way they played together, and I am usually not one to buy fabric with out an idea of what I want to do with it...as I like to know about how much to get and if you have no project in mind you cannot even guess how much to buy...but these spoke to me so I bought some.  All have been washed and are sitting on my coffee table waiting for me to put on the shelf or start to work on the next project...I know they cannot just hang out there for long, but I have been enjoying seeing them there as I finished up a binding on another quilt.  I will write about that in a day or so.

Sew long,


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  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I'm sure it was a good show with lots of inspirations and ideas.