Sunday, November 8, 2015

bonnie hunter mystery part II

Hey Readers,

I was reading some of the quiltville FB group posts about their mystery quilt fabrics and decided to take black and white photos of my fabric and possibly change some out.

I was wondering if this green was too close in value to the red to provide the contrast needed to be a pretty quilt.  So I put my grey card on the fabric and took a black and white photo...

 It seemed like the value was pretty close and not close to the value of the card.  I do love this green tho-

 So I had this other green and I tried it...the lighter part of the check was not too far off, so maybe it will do but it is not near as pretty in color.

It is closer, but I am not sure I like it enough...I may go back to looking for a grey.

I have been working on another Bonnie mystery quilt I started a two years ago.  Easy street.  I changed some of those fabrics and I am not too happy with the result...

My colors did not right amount of contrast and were too busy...sigh.  I am going to keep going and and maybe it will be ok once it is quilted.  If you look in the bottom corner you can see some of the fabrics I am auditioning for the border...maybe that will be in the border.  I am leaning toward the orange inner border and maybe the blue and bound in green.  

What I am really pleased with tho is a leader-ender I have been doing between joining pieces is the scrappy mountain quilt also by Bonnie Hunter.  Here is a link to her page and the instructions.   It is on her free tab of her blog.  I have made 84 of these and will probably shoot for 110.  They go together really fast.  

I am super excited because I signed up with Bernina Sewing Etc, shop to get certified to run a long arm machine.  I do that next week.  I will let you know how it goes.   Hope you have a great week.


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