Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Easy Street Mystery Update

Hey all,

Working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery Easy Street.
Since I got behind, I decided to cut everything for the steps while I was hanging out with my son, so I would not be upstairs sewing and I could spend time with him.  

 So last night I sewed up two steps and this morning another step, so now I just need to do step 3 and I will be ready to start assembly.
My completed pieces ready to be assembled.
 Bonnie has us putting this quilt on point, so first up will be to piece the corners.
 Next will be the setting triangles.

This is going to be a two block quilt, (my pictures are out of order, but this will be the block B.

 So this is block A, with two orange triangles holding the place in the center, which will be a solid block.  This is the way Bonnie has designed it...I am trying to decide if I want to replace that with a blue center.
 Here I threw some blue triangles in the middle to mimic a  blue center.  Not sure which I like better.
So once I finish my chores today, I will work on step 3 and I HAVE TO work on my entry for pigeon forge if I am going to get it done.

Check out all the links on Bonnie's site by clicking here

As my friend Su (from Okinawa days) says "Live the Day Well".



  1. Oh Terry. I really, really like your Easy Street. This makes me wish I would have joined in making one.

  2. Like it better with the orange in the center of block A. THen again, orange is my favorite quilt color.

  3. I like the orange better too! Great job! I'd love to see how this one looks all together : )

  4. Now that you have your pieces cut - you'll have the top done in no time.

  5. Not long to go now! I love the addition of the orange - your quilt will be beautiful.