Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blueberries and Key Lime Pie

Hey all,

Klaudeen Hanson
Our guild, in conjunction with the Starkville guild arranged to have Klaudeen Hanson come teach two seminars on the same topic so that we could share the cost.  She taught one in Columbus yesterday and today was in Starkville.  Since I work, I went to the class in Starkville.  They have a beautiful facility at their Sportsplex.  It is so roomy and bright.  We were making her quilt pattern called Blueberries and Key Lime Pie. 

 It is a fairly simple pattern that can look very different depending on colors and types of fabrics.

I like the wavy stripes.  

This pattern looked really elegant.

I forgot who had this one, but the stripe was really a bargello that looks striped when cut across.

Nancy from Starkville - love the black and white, that will be very dramatic.

I always think brown and blue look manly.
Doesn't this look Springy?

Diane - Fall colors

I forgot...but this looks like the colors of an iris.

Judy's Blue and Yellow

Lawana's  Classy gray and red

Bobbie's  looks like summer to me.

These were my colors...I think I will call it "Death by Pumpkins"  (I might change my mind!!)
If you look close, my striped fabric has skulls on it...I have very little striped fabric in my stash of fabric, so I bought this fabric for this project.  I may have to decide to not eliminate it so quickly.  I usually choose not to use it as directional fabrics sometimes cause design problems.  But I put striped fabric on the binding of the last quilt and we used it in the stratas last summer and I really like it in this.    Hmmm, I am sensing a trend.

Here are a few more photos from the day.  It was delightful and relaxing.  Hope everyone from the other class had as much fun.

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