Sunday, November 18, 2012

Big Plans!!!

Hey all,

Probably won't be much sewing this week.  I am going to Boulder to see my wonderful, smart, fun, athletic, talented, giving, beautiful daughter.  We are planning to have a wonderful Thanksgiving day dinner with whom ever is around that wants to come.  

Been getting exciting that Bonnie Hunter mystery starts Friday.  I have never participated before, but decided to do it this year.  These are the colors she is doing hers in.  I started to do mine in the same colors, but I did not have much teal.  So first I was just going to substitute in blue for teal and move forward.  Then I decided that I am going to use a different color combination.  So I went shopping in my stash of fabrics and pulled this combination.
I am liking it a lot...still not sure about everyone of them, but I am trying to do this quilt without buying any fabric....I have been organizing my fabric and I have a bunch of it up there.  So I am trying to sew it up and make room for more.  

In organizing, I found this UFO that I had forgotten about.  I could either make a 4 x 4 small quilt
I would have to get rid of two blocks to make it square.

or a 3 x 6 block quilt and make a long quilt...maybe with sashings between the columns?  What do you all think?  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.