Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keeping warm

Hey all,

My students are always complaining that it is cold in my room at school.  I must admit that at my age, I do like it cold.  But I am trying to take away their excuses.  One is it is too cold in here to concentrate.  And before you say why don't you just turn up the heat?  In this brave new world of fiscal savings teachers can no longer control their thermostats in our rooms.  I have had them out a few times to check the thermostat but they say it is working correctly.

So I decided to make jackets for my room.  So I bought cheap sweat shirts from WalMart.  So I have been splitting sweatshirts and turning them into jackets.  I figured that would stop any clothing malfunctions from pulling them over their heads.  (You have to think of everything!)  I cut the band off the bottom and the cuffs off and put double fold quilt binding on them.  And since I want them to stay in my room, I have been putting orphaned quilt squares on them and putting T^2 on the block....and no pockets...don't want them too comfortable.  Oh and I put a hanging loop in the neck so they can be put on a hook in my room.  It takes about an hour for the whole process.

I bought shirts sized XL to 4XL so there will be some that will fit everyone.  There is one more that is at school, that I forgot to photograph. Usually I only have about 6 that are not dressed appropriately, so hopefully this will be back to quilting!


Dark Grey

Light Grey

Purple (ladies xl)  This is the smallest one.


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